BSI Corporate Business Membership Support

Companies registered with 'Business Support International' will have received personal log in details, giving them exclusive access to the locked pages of this site with access to the following resources, support and facilities:-

  • Access to a Business Library with close on 400 books and white papers covering almost any subject you will require to help you run your business more effectively.  signpost
  • Access to thousands of BSI senior executives worldwide who have nearly all directly experienced the challenges of running a business at director level, with most having been MD/CEO of businesses and therefore able to understand your needs and be able to support you and your business in whatsoever way you require them to.
  • A free subscription to the 'Business Support International' newsletter, regularly delivered directly to you and full of business news of interest to you, ideas, updates on business trends and many other articles of interest supporting you in running your business more knowledgably and professionally.
  • Access to nearly 50 separate sources of Finance and Funding for any requirement in your business, whether short-term, long-term, one-offs, for projects or just to help you out of financial difficulty you find yourself in at any given moment in time.
  • Access to a knowledge/question resource, where you can ask any question you want about any subject affecting your business or affecting you running your business, covering any specific industry, skill or older execsbusiness subject possible and knowing that you'll get an answer from a senior executive who has lived the circumstances, not just some theoretical advise!
  • Access to an export resource which will help you identify potential markets, clients, agents, etc. in almost any major country in the world to help you get a foothold in your chosen country or countries in the quickest possible and safest possible way, knowing that there will be a local BSI executive in that country to help and support you as much as you need and to look after your interests in that country.
  • Access to free professional assessments of almost anything you're spending your precious hard-earned money on, to ensure that you're getting the best possible deal at the best possible price. We normally expect to be able to reduce your costs by between 20% and 30%. Every pound/dollar saved for you in your outgoings/overheads/ fixed or flexible costs, is a pound/dollar which goes directly on your bottom line! We guarantee you cost savings with this free service!
  • Access to free meeting and company assessment with one of our senior executives in your area, giving you the opportunity to benefit from the insight of a senior executive who has the experience to talk things through and help you work through a plan to achieve your vision for your business as well as your personal vision!
  • Special discounts for any in-house help and support you may need from any of our BSI executives you request to come and help you in any hands-on way you may require. Also a special discounted rate if you decide to sign up to our 'Business Support' retainer programme, or if you choose to sign up to our 'Non-Executive Director' programme.
  • The ability to have your services or products added to our global database of 'approved & recommended' companies, giving you instant access to thousands of other businesses worldwide.

The Annual cost to becoming a fully supported business with BSI and accessing all these benefits and much more besides, is offered at a specially discounted rate of only £395 (or your local currency equivalent). 

You can register and pay by credit or debit card online right now by clicking here.